Praaaaaaang (potlan) wrote,

Sculpture Proposal

Livejournal, you are my dumping ground for schoolwork. Here is a proposal for a sculpture I'm, well, proposing. I can't wait for people to start tearing this shit to pieces!

Project Proposal

Working Title: I Promise I Won’t Lie To You

During the Auditing process, the “preclear” Scientologist uses the E-meter to measure their electrical field, which indicates their response to past life experiences. The Neuro-Programmer 2 is a product designed to “help you stimulate your brain and achieve lasting personal change” and “help you transform your mind and enhance your mental abilities.” Alex Chiu sells magnetic rings that can make you immortal, and an entire alternative medicine industry, homeopathy, is based on the concept that water retains vibrations able to cure serious illnesses.

It’s very difficult to avoid being taken in by pseudoscientific claims, especially when they assure us mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. Despite being placebos, these devices do have physiological and mental effects, although not necessarily the ones they claim to have. People can become addicted to them, relying on them for salvation, even to the point of dismissing any contradictory evidence of their effects as a conspiracy to snuff out the truth.

“I Promise I Won’t Lie To You” is an enclosed, light-tight box on a stand, with binocular eyeholes to allow the viewer to peer inside. Using different wavelengths and patterns of light and suggestive imagery and text projected onto a frosted screen, the brain is stimulated to reroute the neural pathways responsible for belief in pseudoscience. In fact, this makes the viewer perceive the truth in all matters, rendering them impervious to lies. All of this is explained in the laminated brochure hanging by a chain to the side of the box.

In truth, of course, it does no such thing. The device does not increase anyone’s abilities. Paradoxically, it works just perfectly when the viewer realizes that it can’t possibly work.

Installation space would be minimal: about five feet square, ideally against a wall. Proximity to a plug to power the lights and electronics is a must. A dark room would be desirable. The duration of the interaction with the device is planned around approximately one minute, although it may last longer. A toggle switch, within reach of the viewer turns the device on and off so that they can time their exposure to its effects.
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