Praaaaaaang (potlan) wrote,

2010 Resolution

I'm pretty proud of my accomplishments this year. Again, I carry on my ACADEMIC WINNING STREAK by not failing any courses, and actually stepping up my game a little in terms of accomplishing my ambitions. I am more confident and more willing to take risks. I'm LOADS better at coping with stress. I have awesome friends—people who share my love of electronics projects, of fine arts, of dumpster diving, of music, of animals of an anthropomorphological persuasion, of retrotech ephemera, of DIY-everything, of costuming, of science and skepticism... I could go on. 2009 was in a lot of respects a kind of sucky year for the world, but one filled with optimism and a go-get-'em attitude that should make 2010 all that much better.

Like Cargo, I want to make 2010 a year of inconvenience. Not just for myself, but for others too, in the best way. Whereas Cargo's focusing on food, I'll focus on my clothes and how I entertain myself and others—which aren't biological staples, but they're certainly things that I've kind of taken for granted. I miss the haphazardness of high school LAN parties, and I'd love to reapply that to my current social circle. Have a worldbuilding party, making maps and designing buildings over a few drinks. Host a handmade camera month. Go see some Fringe shows. Make a techno-bong. If I'm unsatisfied with the usual stream of my life, disrupt it with alternatives that have unpredictable results. Strive for those Genuine Quality Experiences that can only come from doing things without the comfort and convenience of knowing how they're going to turn out. Intentionally fuck up attempts to make my life easier made by people whose names I don't know. Be chaotic good.

Okay so sngingcircusdog is on her way to the airport and I'll be there soon to pick her up. This is going to be an awesome New Years, guys.
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