Praaaaaaang (potlan) wrote,

Experimental Film

So this experimental animation, a single channel video loop, starts out panning through the basement of a corner townhouse. Cinderblock walls and narrow corridors and such. It looks a lot like a Silent Hill cutscene, but tongue-in-cheek. People smile and then rot away to skeletons in fast-forward as the camera pans down their bodies on its merry flight. Throughout the house are similar scenes of hyper-terrorsex. A pale, sweaty young boy kissing the neck of a corpse as a dog simultaneously bites his neck and fucks him. It's so over the top, funny in a Quentin Tarantino kind of way. The single, long tracking shot takes us up into the dilapidated living room, where yet more nightmares await. It snakes up to the second story balcony before finally panning outside. You can't see anything since the camera is pointing slightly up toward the blue sky, just the rooftops of some brick apartments across the street, so you have no idea where you are. The camera moves backward and down on an angle, and then down into a window well at the foot of the townhouse. The camera then turns in toward the building again, and starts doing a quick flythrough of the house. None of the horrors this time, just the empy house, well-light from the open windows. The camera makes its way up to the third floor before it descends to the basement again. This time the horrors are back, but they're DIFFERENT. I had to stop watching.

Walking out of the small screening room, I found that I was standing in the top floor of the apartment building. Every floor was the top floor of the apartment building, all the way down, deep, deep into the ground.
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